A refreshing probiotic ginger drink!  

Hoot-Mon Ginger Beer is like kombucha with an edge – naturally-fermented to about the alcohol level of beer, a nice natural fizz like champagne, and lots of fresh ginger. The ginger is fresh juiced, so it’s got all the goodies of the plant. It’s RAW and ALIVE, never heated.  All natural and kind of wild with the fizz. 

Ginger Beer is not a normal “beer” made in a heating process. In some ways, it’s more like a cider, since the process also involves a cold ferment and similar procedures. Hoot-Mon is a living culture with a fruity ginger flavor.

Hoot-Mon has a complex taste that moves through your mouth and changes, with a zing and a strong and lasting finish. It’s all about ginger, with a natural fizz and a little alcohol. It is soothing and comforting; and refreshing too. 

Hoot-Mon is made from a traditional centuries-old lacto-fermentation process.