Our logo for Hoot-Mon beverages is the legendary Hoot bird.

Our logo for Hoot-Mon beverages is the legendary Hoot-Mon Bird. These birds are quite rare, with occasional sightings in the north of Jamaica, the beaches of southern Scotland and the 90210.

One of the unusual features of this bird is that has dreadlocks. Scientists believe that the development of dreds was an adaptation so that the Hoot-Mon Bird could blend in at reggae concerts and Venice Beach. The Hoot-Mon Bird migrates from Scotland to Jamaica each year, however for many Hoots, it ends up being a one-way migration. Experts are perplexed by this odd behavior, locals say there is just something in the air that keeps them there.

Hoot-Hunters have prized its unique dreds, which are used in sacred macrame wall hangings, as show here. During the '70s, Hoot’s became almost extinct due to the popularity of macramé, but thanks to the Scottish-Jamaican Hoot-Mon Bird Protection Organization (BONG), the birds are now protected and are making a comeback.